P & O Mini cruise breaks

Put a Spring in your step and take a minicruise from Hull to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Bruges from only £66 per person. Price includes web discount.
Enjoy a fiesta in Spain with a minicruise from Portsmouth to Bilbao from as little as £64 per person. Price includes web discount.

P & O Mini cruise breaks

As the warm summer nights draw in, your mind wanders, basking in the glow of the sunshine, sipping on your favourite cocktail, the waves sounding like a symphonic orchastra.

This may all sound like a dream, too good to be true?... think again! With P&O Mini Cruise Breaks your dreams do come true!

P&O, with its 150 years of luxury sea travel experience, bring to you the opportunity to travel across our waters to beautiful destinations in Europe, aboard their luxurious cruise liners.

Whether it's the City of Bilbao, on the Northern coast of Spain, with its cultural Museum of Fine Arts, or the critically acclaimed Guggenheim Museum. The City of Bruges, Belguim, with its cherished artistic and architectural treasures. Or, the City of Rotterdam, Netherlands, offering modern restaurants, bars and festivals. Your Mini Cruise Break, provided by P&O cruises, can be the answer to that Cheap Mini Cruise question.

Having a couple nights break from the daily grind can work all the wonders on the Soul.

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Mini Cruises Departing from Portsmouth

Bilbao 3 nights 

Mini Cruises Departing from Hull

Rotterdam 2 nights  Rotterdam 3 nights 

Bruges 2 nights  Bruges 3 nights 

Amsterdam mini cruise break | Bilbao mini cruise break | Bergen mini cruise break | Bruges mini cruise break | Rotterdam mini cruise break

Mini Cruise Breaks

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